Thursday, August 23, 2018

Hada-Voda Part 3 Bengali PDF

Hada-Voda Part 3 Bengali comics story in PDF format
Hada-Vodar Kandokarkhana Part 3

Hada-Voda/Handa-Bhonda (হাঁদা-ভোঁদা)-one of the most popular comic character in Bengali language and holds the record of longest running comic yet. The creator of these characters are famous Bengali comic artist Narayan Debnath (নারায়ণ দেবনাথ). 

The comic introduces two young boys Hada (slender) and Voda (Bulky), Hada always use to create problems for Voda but finally Voda wins and Hada gets punished.
This book contains two mega funny stories of Hada-Voda:

⧭ Hada-Vodar Boler Lorai (হাঁদা-ভোঁদার বলের লড়াই)-playing and fighting with a foot-ball and doing funny things here and there.

⧭ Hada-Vodar Shikkhanbishi (হাঁদা-ভোঁদার শিক্ষানবিশী)-working in a company as trainees and doing funny mistakes one by one and finally back to home.

So start reading without wasting your time and I know that you all will definitely laugh a lot.