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Dasyu Mohan Omnibus By Shashadhar Dutta Bengali PDF

দস্যু মোহন অমনিবাস

বাংলা থ্রিলার কাহিনী সমগ্র (দুই খন্ড একত্রে)

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Dasyu Mohan Omnibus By Shashadhar Dutta Bengali PDF
Dasyu Mohan Onmibus Bengali PDF

Dasyu Mohan Omnibus By Shashadhar Dutta Bengali PDF includes a couple of thriller stories. It also could be referred to as novellas (short novels). Dutta is memorable to the Bengali literature world for his excellent works based on the fictitious character Dasyu Mohan. The books are pretty old because this renowned author passed away in 1952. Hope that the readers will love to read the book.

About Dasyu Mohan and the author at a glance:

Dasyu Mohan (Bandit Mohan) is a person who helps the poor and is known as the awake death messenger of the oppressive rich man. The entire police force of the country is searching for him. The first story of Book 1 is "Mohon" which shows the impeccable composition style of the author. 

About the book at a glance:

  • Book name-Dasyu Mohan Omnibus
  • Author-Shashadhar Dutta
  • Category-Thriller
  • No. of parts-2
  • No. of pages-527 (Part 1), and 527 (Part 2)
  • Size-16.9 MB (Part1), and 15.3 MB (Part2): MB (Megabytes)
  • Format-PDF (Portable Document Format)
Contents of Dasyu Mohan Omnibus Book 1 are listed below as follows:
  1. Mohan (মোহন)
  2. Karagare Mohan ( কারাগারে মোহন )
  3. Mohan O Roma ( মোহন ও রমা )
  4. Roma'r Biye ( রমার বিয়ে )
  5. Abaar Mohan ( আবার মোহন )
  6. Roma-Hara Mohan ( রমা-হারা মোহন )
Contents of Book 2 are listed below as follows:
  1. Nagorik Mohan ( নাগরিক মোহন )
  2. Mohaner Germany Obhijan ( মোহনের জার্মানী অভিযান )
  3. Mohaner Oggatbas ( মোহনের অজ্ঞাতবাস )
  4. Byabsayi Mohan ( ব্যবসায়ী মোহন )
  5. Nari-Trata Mohan ( নারী-ত্রাতা মোহন )

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