Friday, August 24, 2018

Batul The Great Part 4 Bengali PDF

Batul The Great Part 4 Bengali comics story in PDF format
Batul The Great Part 4 Bengali PDF

Batul The Great/Bantul The Great (বাঁটুল দি গ্রেট)-This is one of the most popular comic character of the famous Bengali comic artist Narayan Debnath (নারায়ণ দেবনাথ). This comic character first appeared in a well known Bengali magazine "Shuktara" (শুকতারা ) and now still appearing. Now a days Batul The Great is appearing as animation series on TV shows also.

Batul is a superhero with super strength and great appetite, unlike other heroes he does not wear stylish dresses and I think that you all know very well. He always stands for the good, the other three main characters of this comic series is Bachhu (বাচ্চু), Bichhu (বিচ্ছু) and Lambokarno (লম্বকর্ণ). 
So without wasting time let's start reading and laughing because it will keep your heart strong and healthy.