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Parashurama Galpo Samagra By Rajshekhar Basu Bengali PDF E-book

Rajshekhar Basu Complete Stories Bengali PDF
Parashurama Galpo Samagra By Rajshekhar Basu

Rajshekhar Basu (রাজশেখর বসু ) (16th March 1880-27th April 1960) was a famous Bengali writer and chemist mainly popular for his pen name Parashuram (পরশুরাম).
He was born to Chandrashekhar Basu (চন্দ্রশেখর বসু) and Laksmimani Devi 
(লক্ষ্মীমণি দেবী) at his maternal uncle's house at Bamunpara (বামুনপাড়া) in the Purba Bardhaman (পূর্ব বর্ধমান ) district of West Bengal.

He spent his childhood in Darbhanga (দ্বারভাঙ্গা) district of Bihar (বিহার) and learned to speak Hindi very well. Later he went to Patna for higher studies and introduced with Bengali literature, after that he shifted to Calcutta and completed his BA and MA degree in chemistry from Presidency College and also completed a degree in law.
In 1903 Basu joined Bengal Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals as a chemist and promoted to manager within a very short time. This company was created by the famous Bengali scientist Acharya Prafulla Chandra Roy (আচার্য প্রফুল্লচন্দ্র রায় ).
Basu started his career as an author in the year 1920 and adopted the pen name Parashuram, at that time he started writing humorous articles and short stories in magazines. His first book Gaddalika (গড্ডালিকা) published in the year 1924 and was praised by the great personality Rabindranath Tagore ( রবীন্দ্রনাথ ঠাকুর). 
He was awarded Jagattarini (জগত্তারিনী) and Sarojini (সরোজিনী) medals from the Calcutta University, D. Litt.. from Jadavpur University, Rabindra Puraskar (রবীন্দ্র পুরস্কার) and finally Padma Bhushan (পদ্মভূষণ) award in the year 1958.
Basu's personal life was extremely tragic , he was married and had a daughter but his young son-in-law died of a severe disease and Basu's heartbroken daughter died on the same day, he also lost his wife in the year 1942 but continued writing. On 27th April 1960 he died in his sleep caused by a major heart attack.
This book contains all the works of Rajshekhar Basu including one of his painting drawn by pencil, I personally requesting the readers of this blog not to miss the "Introduction" written by famous Bengali author Prof. Pramathanath Bishi (প্রমথনাথ বিশী ) and the speech by Dipankar Basu (দীপঙ্কর বসু).

The main works from this book are listed here as follows:

⧭ Parashuram Ankito Chitro (পরশুরাম অঙ্কিত চিত্র)

⧭ Bhumika (ভূমিকা)-Pramathanath Bishi (প্রমথনাথ বিশী)

⧭ Baktobyo (বক্তব্য)-Dipankar Basu (দীপঙ্কর বসু)

⧭ Gaddalika (গড্ডালিকা)-Containing handwring of Rabindranath Tagore.

⧭ Kajjali (কজ্জলী)

⧭ Honumaner Swapno Ityadi Galpo (হনুমানের স্বপ্ন ইত্যাদি গল্প)

⧭ Galpo Kalpo (গল্প কল্প)

⧭ Dhusturi Maya Ityadi Galpo (ধুস্তুরী মায়া ইত্যাদি গল্প)

⧭ Krishnokoli Ityadi Galpo (কৃষ্ণকলি ইত্যাদি)

⧭ Neel Tara Ityadi Galpo (নীল তারা ইত্যাদি গল্প)

⧭ Anandibai Ityadi Galpo (আনন্দী বাঈ ইত্যাদি গল্প)

⧭ Chamatkumari Ityadi Galpo (চমৎকুমারী ইত্যাদি গল্প)-To be noted that a short story Jamaishashthi (জামাইষষ্ঠী) in this series is incomplete.

⧭ Kobita (কবিতা)-Poems

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