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Seven Thrillers By Fredrick Forsyth Bengali Stories E-book PDF

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Bangla Thriller Stories By Fredrick Forsyth PDF
Seven Thrillers By Fredrick Forsyth Onubad Bengali PDF

Seven Thrillers Bengali translated stories by the renowned English author Fredrick Forsyth (25th August 1938). Apart from writing, he is also a journalist, spy and political commentator. He is best known for his thriller stories such as "The Day Of The Jackal", "The Dogs Of War", "The Veteran", "The Kill List" and many more

. More than a dozen of his books have been filmed and also appeared as best-seller. He was a pilot in his first life and completed National Service in the Royal Air Force. His works are fully or partially adapted to many movies. In this book there are seven thriller stories written by him are listed as follows:

⧭ The Day Of The Jackal (দ্য ডে অফ দ্য জ্যাকল)

⧭ The Shepherd (দি শেফার্ড)

⧭ The Fist Of God-Ishwarer Haat (ইশ্বরের হাত)

⧭ No Come Backs (নো কাম ব্যাকস)

⧭ The Emperor (দ্য এম্পারার)

⧭ Double Deal (ডাবল ডিল)

⧭ Chadmobeshi Shorojontree (ছদ্মবেশী ষড়যন্ত্রী)

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