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Fekudar Diary By Asish Basu Bengali Story Book PDF

ফেকুদার ডাইরি

(কিছু ভিন্ন স্বাদের গল্প)

লেখক-আশিস বসু

সম্পাদনা-অরিন্দম ঘোষাল

Fekudar Diary Bengali Story Book PDF
Fekudar Diary By Asish Basu Bengali Story Book PDF

Fekudar Diary (ফেকুদার ডাইরি) Bengali story book PDF is another representation by our respected Bengali author Asish Basu      (আশিস বসু) containing 3 awesome short stories of different taste. This is his 2nd book which I edited and publishing through our website. I already read the stories of this book several times at the time of editing and it is really a nice work by the author.

The last story of this book Prem-Vasha-Valobasa (প্রেম-ভাষা-ভালোবাসা) is really a heart touching story in which our author proved his talent, brilliance and art of writing. You can also read his first PDF E-book Biborno Oteet (বিবর্ন অতীত) from our website which contains 3 supernatural/horror short stories. His other stories will be represented soon through our website. Hope that our readers will also love this Bengali story book PDF a lot.

This book contains 3 Bengali short stories as follows:-

Ekotrito (একত্রিত)

⧭ Franchise (ফ্রাঞ্চাইসি)

⧭ Prem-Vasha-Valobasa (প্রেম-ভাষা-ভালোবাসা)

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