Saturday, March 28, 2020

Deyoale Kiser Chaya Bengali Horror Audiobook By AB Films

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Deyoale Kiser Chaya Bengali Horror Audiobook
Deyoale Kiser Chaya Bengali Horror Audiobook 

Deyoale Kiser Chaya Bengali Horror Audiobook (দেওয়ালে কিসের ছায়া) is taken from a mind-blowing Bengali horror story which is written by our favorite author Manabendra Pal which is converted to an audiobook or audio story. Voice dubbed by Anirban Sanyal and Bony, very talented and popular actor and actress of our Bengali film industry. Our other popular Bengali Horror Audiobooks are


Nishir Daak (নিশির ডাক ), Smriti (স্মৃতি),  Polashbon (পলাশবন), Peerbabar Shokti(পীরবাবার শক্তি), Nijhumpurer Atonko (নিঝুমপুরের আতঙ্ক), Ami Eka Tumi Eka (আমি একা তুমি একা) Bhoote Dhora   (ভূতে ধরা), Shoytaner Basa (শয়তানের বাসা), Chokher Aloy (চোখের আলোয়) and many more. Hope that the ghost lover readers will really love to listen to this fearful ghost story like in previous days. 

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