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Kontiki Expedition Bengali PDF

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Kontiki Expedition Bengali PDF Onubad
Kontiki Expedition Bengali PDF

Kontiki Expedition Bengali PDF is a translated Norwegian novel by Thor Heyerdahl based on truth. Enayet Moula, a renowned author of Bangladesh is the translator of this work. According to Wikipedia, the Kontiki expedition was a 1947 journey over 6,900 kilometers. It was 101 days journey across the Pacific Ocean from South America to the Polynesian islands. In 1950, the documentary film on Kontiki achieved the Academy Award.

Introduction to the journey:

Thor Heyerdahl is the name of a world-renowned adventurer. He participated in various adventures based on the formula of history. As a result, Heyerdahl is regarded as one of the most exceptional explorers in the world. The original expedition began in 1947, but it was planned about 10 years earlier. Thousands of years ago, the inhabitants of South America crossed the Pacific Ocean by building rafts from the trunks of Balsa trees. Finally, they settled in the Polynesian islands. 

Thor came to this conclusion that the journey is possible after searching a lot of books and maps from different libraries. To prove this fact, he floated a tree-lined raft off the coast of Peru to the Pacific Ocean. He was accompanied by five other explorers. Respected Bangladeshi author Enayet Moula translated the book and introduced Thor Heyerdahl to Bengali readers with heartfelt love. That is why the translation of the book "Kon-Tiki" deserves to be marked as a memorable publication. 

Name of the participants:

  1. Thor Heyerdahl (Author)
  2. Erik Hesselberg
  3. Bengt Danielsson
  4. Knut Haugland
  5. Torstein Raaby
  6. Herman Watzinger

Details about Kontiki Expedition Bengali PDF:
  • Book name-Kontiki Expedition
  • Main author-Thor Heyerdahl
  • Bengali translation-Enayet Moula
  • Category-Adventure
  • No. of pages-138
  • Size-10.3 MB (Megabytes)
  • Format-PDF (Portable Document Format)
  • Courtesy-Boighar

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