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Ashoriri Bhayankar Bengali PDF By Anish Deb

 অশরীরী ভয়ঙ্কর

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Ashoriri Bhayankar Bengali PDF By Anish Deb
Ashoriri Bhayankar Bengali PDF By Anish Deb

Ashoriri Bhayankar Bengali PDF By Anish Deb contains 13 creepy horror stories. Among them, 11 are short stories, and the other 2 could be referred to as novels. According to the author, he has presented these 13 stories in this book in tandem with the evil 13. All the stories are excellently combined with a marvelous representation. Hope that the readers will appreciate and love this work a lot.

About the author at a glance:

Anish Deb (22 October 1951-28 April 2021) was noted for his awesome compositions mainly on Horror, Science Fiction, and thriller. Few details about the author are provided in the post "Bajrogolap" and other books of Anish Deb. You can also check Wikipedia to get more detailed information about him.

In addition to Ashoriri Bhayankar, his other notable works are "Ami Eka Tumi Eka" (আমি একা তুমি একা), "Pishacher Raat" (পিশাচের রাত), "Pret Preyosi" (প্রেত প্রেয়সী), Sera KalpaBigyan (সেরা কল্পবিজ্ঞান), and many more.

About the book at a glance:

  • Book name-Ashoriri Bhayankar
  • Author-Anish Deb
  • Category-Horror
  • No. of pages-278
  • Size-9 MB (Megabytes)
  • Format-PDF (Portable Document Format)

 Contents of Ashariri Bhayankar Bengali PDF are listed below as follows:

List of stories:

  1. Antore Saap Chilo (অন্তরে সাপ ছিল)
  2. Rupoli Flask (রুপোলি ফ্লাস্ক)
  3. Daak Jokhon Aase(ডাক যখন আসে)
  4. Epare Tin-jon, Opare Ek-jon (এপারে তিনজন, ওপারে একজন)
  5. Care Of Andhokar (কেয়ার অফ অন্ধকার)
  6. Ekta Vanga-Chora Barir Vetore (একটা ভাঙাচোরা বাড়ির ভেতরে)
  7. Ujjol Andhokar (উজ্জ্বল অন্ধকার)
  8. Tumi Jokhon Thakbena (তুমি যখন থাকবেনা)
  9. Paanch Minute Por (পাঁচ মিনিট পর)
  10. Bipode Pore Apnake Bolchi (বিপদে পড়ে আপনাকে বলছি)
  11. Kalo Ghas Valo Noy (কালো ঘাস ভালো নয়)

List of novels:

  1. Golapi, Norom Ebong Thanda (গোলাপি, নরম এবং ঠান্ডা)
  2. Valobasi Andhokar (ভালোবাসি অন্ধকার)

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