Friday, October 5, 2018

Odyssey By Homer Bangla Onubad E-book PDF

ওডিসি (The Odyssey) - By Homer- হোমার

Odyssey Bengali PDF
The Odyssey By Homer Bengali E-book PDF

Iliad and The Odyssey (ইলিয়াড এন্ড দ্য ওডিসি), two epic poems of ancient Greek literature composed by the antiquity Homer (হোমার), the legend of Greece and the pride of the world.
According to the "wikipedia"- The sack of Troy was dated to 1184 B.C. and we may epitomize it as mythology.

According to my tiny knowledge, Homer was blind and these two ethic poems were orally transmitted by him and written down in the 6th century after textualisation. So, dear readers Iliad will be available soon and this is the sequel of Iliad. Will be back soon with the first epic....

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