Sunday, May 2, 2021

Jani Tumi Ananya Bengali Horror Audio Story

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Jani Tumi Ananya Bengali Horror Audio Story

Jani Tumi Ananya is another awesome audio story presented by Raater Rohossyo Radio. It is a popular youtube channel created by teenaged author and voice artist Debdas Bhuiyan.  Poulomi Mukhopadhyay is the author of this story. I hope that you all will appreciate this new audio story a lot.

About the story at a glance:
Poulami Mukkhopaddhay's Jani Tumi Ananya is a fictional horror story where the victim Shotodol comes in contact with a horrific girl Madhuri. Every amavasya (new moon) is the day for her to catch another victim. This was the turn of Shotodol. After meeting Madhuri, Shotodol started loving her and came in contact with the horrific girl. Finally, what happened you need to know......

About the audiobook at a glance:
  • Book name-Jani Tumi Ananya
  • Author-Poulomi Mukhopadhyay
  • Presentation-Raater Rohossyo Radio
  • Special Effects: Dev Das Bhuniya
  • Poster Design: Adobe Spark & RongTuli
  • Video Credits: Kinemaster
  • Video Copyright © Raater Rohossyo Radio & D Studio Productions
  • Music Credits: Feslian Studios / Lucas King / NCS Fanmade
  • Mobile Credits / Sponsored: Xiaomi A3 and MI5 Ringtones

Casts and characters of the audio story :
  • Narrator: Shotodol ( শতদল ): Ranodripto Seal
  • Bhoju: Ayaan Ray
  • Jagadish Babu: Dev Das Bhuniya
  • Madhuri: Sukanya Ghosh

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