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E Jothesto Noy Bengali Horror Audio Story

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E Jothesto Noy Bengali Horror Audio Story
E Jotheshto Noy Bengali Horror Audio Story

E Jotheshto Noy is a Bengali horror audio story represented by my sweet brother and friend Debdas Bhuiyan. Dear friends, I think that you have already collected his other storybooks from my website. From my side, I always appreciate his inborn talent and interest in Bengali literature. 

About the story at a glance:

Poulomi Mukhopadhyay's E Jothestho Noy is one of the stories which is totally based on the kingdoms of the old zamindari (landlord) system. This is a totally fictional story, where Jagadeesh Babu is the victim and Madhob Babu is the culprit. Madhab Babu disturbs the daily routine of Jagdeesh Babu where he gets a good & peer friend to talk to. After few days, Madhob Babu enhances Jagdeesh Babu to come to Mahendranagar. He seduces to go there as there are many historical places to visit. Now the mystery starts...

About The Book At A Glance:

Book name-E Jothesto Noy
Author-Poulomi Mukhopadhyay
Format-MP4, MP3

Casts And Characters: E Jothesto Noy
  • Horipodo: Ayaan Ray
  • Jagdish Babu-Vidyajit Sharma
  • Madhob Shamonto : Ranodripto Seal
  • Buri : Sukanya Ghosh
  • Ghora Wala : Samaresh Paul
  • Darowaan : Dev Das Bhuniya
  • Norohori : Debasish Mullick
  • Bhoirob Thakur : Dev Das Bhuniya

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