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Golondaj Theke Goyenda Bengali PDF

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Golondaj Theke Goyenda
Golondaj Theke Goyenda PDF

Golondaj Theke Goyenda is a combination of fun, adventure and detectivity. Respected Bengali author Subir Roychowdhury is the author of this book. The storyline is based on a couple of teenagers studying in a school and playing a fighting game in their free time. I hope that readers of all ages will enjoy this book a lot.

About the book at a glance:

  • Book name-Golondaj Theke Goyenda
  • Author-Subir Roychowdhury
  • Category-Funny
  • Format-PDF (Portable Document Format)
  • Size-3 MB (Megabytes)

About the story at a glance:

My name is Vodor. The name, of course, is given by my school friends, just like the name of the team leader of our class. His name is Biscuit. I am confused about where to start the story. When Nepo, our classmate kicked the football in the principal's office like a rifle shot and broke the window glass, we didn't understand where the future of this incident is going to take us. While playing a wargame, an interesting and funny incident happened with Nepo. If you want to know what happened after that, then read Golondaj Theke Goyenda now...

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