Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Pratikhha Bengali Suspense Audio Story By Mithil Bhattacharya

রহস্যের অন্ধকার-এর নিবেদিত


Pratikhha-By-Rahasyer Andhokare
Pratikhha By Rahasyer Andhokare

Pratikhha is a new Bengali suspense audio story written by renowned Bengali author Mithil Bhattacharya. The audio story has been presented by "Rahasyer Andhakare," a famous youtube channel. I am thankful to Mr. Partha Pratim Das for helping me publishing this awesome audio story on my website. I hope that you all will love to listen to this Bengali suspense audio story.

 About the audio storybook at a glance:

  • Book name-Pratikhha
  • Author-Mithil Bhattacharya
  • Category-Suspense, Horror
  • Listening time-30 minutes
  • Directed by-Partha Pratim Das & SID
The artists who participated in this awesome  piece of work are listed below as follows:
Voice Artists:

  • Storyteller, narrator and character of Indra-Partha Pratim Das
  • Oli-Sanghita
  • Grandmother of Oli-Mukti Bhattacharya
  • Manasweta
  • Sudipta Da
  • Indranil
  • Jayeeta
Music composition-Hritankar Barui
Special effects and poster-SID

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