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Ekti Pray Voyonkor Golpo Bengali PDF

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Ekti Pray Voyonkor Golpo Bengali PDF
Ekti Pray Voyonkor Golpo

Ekti Pray Voyonkor Golpo is a combination of adventure and thriller written by renowned author Ahsan Habib. Famous Bangladeshi author Humayun Ahmed is the elder brother of Habib. His other brother is Muhammad Zafar Iqbal who is an educationist and author.

Habib's other notable works are Office Time (অফিস টাইম), Likhte Likhte Lekhok (লিখতে লিখতে লেখক), Bhut Jokhon Ghost (ভূত যখন গোস্ট) and many more. 

About the book at a glance:

  • Book name-Ekti Pray Voyonkor Golpo
  • Author-Ahsan Habib
  • Category-Thriller
  • Format-PDF (Portable Document Format)
  • No. of pages-64
  • Size-3.12 MB (Megabytes)

About the story at a glance:

This story is mainly about two teenagers who go to the same school. One is Mushfiq, the other is Badal.

Mushfiq want invisibility. He was worried that how it is possible. Badal, his classmate, gave him the solution one day. Badal said, there is a saint some distance away from here. He knows the mantra of disappearing. Mushfiq falls in great danger because he has to go to the saint on the night of the new moon and no one from his house will accept that. Meanwhile, it is very important to go to the saint. Then he opened the window and ran away from home on a New Moon night. What happened after that........

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