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Hacker Part 1 & 2 (Masud Rana Series) By Qazi Anwar Hussain



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Masud Rana Series By Qazi Anwar Hussain
Hacker (Masud Rana Series)

Let's give an example of how news is good and bad at the same time! NASA's Deep Space Voyager-2 has received a stunning signal, which is irrefutable proof of the presence of intelligent beings on aliens. This is the good news.
But the bad news is that there is a terrible code hidden inside that signal, which tends to destroy the world's computer technology in the next four days. Those behind the conspiracy are not aliens from outer space, they are two-legged human beings of this world. Masud Rana has to enter the world of cybercrime and cyber hacking to save human civilization from this great disaster.

The work is not easy at all. Because his old enemy Douglas Bullock aka Bulldog has come to stop Rana. Bulldog is desperate to stop Rana at any cost. He is accompanied by a group of fearsome assassins hired by an unknown and invisible enemy…
You must have heard the story of the ten sons of Haradhan. Creators of the UNO Code, the gods of the cyber world have been in such a state. Nine have been killed, and one remains. But it turns out that Elisa Van Buren isn't the last Uno. In this story, Haradhan has an eleventh child, whose identity is a mystery. The eleventh UNO is shaking the crowbar from behind. In addition, Douglas Bullock went to Amsterdam to punish Rana and joined hands with unknown enemies. One after another battle in water, land, and space is waiting for Rana.

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