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Ganga Tantriker Aloukik Golpo By Asish Basu Bengali PDF

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Ganga Tantriker Aloukik Golpo
Ganga Tantriker Aloukik Golpo

Ganga Tantriker Aloukik Golpo is a new Bengali horror storybook PDF that is written by renowned Bengali author respected Asish Basu and edited by me (Arindam Ghosal). The cover artist of this e-book is Mishar Ray, and the book courtesy goes to The Bengali horror storybook PDF contains three remarkable supernatural short horror stories. 
Previously, two compositions by the respected author have already been published from this website, such as Biborno Oteet and Fekudar Diary. One of his compositions, Fire Asa, also has been transformed and published as an audio story. You can listen to or collect from here. I hope that you will like this book a lot like before.

Details of the book:
  • Book name-Ganga Tantriker Aloukik Golpo
  • Author-Asish Basu
  • Edited by-Arindam Ghosal
  • Cover artist-Mishar Ray
  • Category-Horror
  • Book
  • Format-PDF (Portable Document Format)

You can read the other compositions of Asish Basu from here. 

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