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Achhedyo Bandhan By Narayan Sanyal Bengali PDF E-book

অচ্ছেদ্য বন্ধন

নারায়ণ সান্যাল

Narayan SanyalBangla Boi PDF
Achhedyo Bandhan By Narayan Sanyal Bengali PDF E-book
Achhedyo Bandhan By Narayan Sanyal Bengali PDF E-book.
Narayan Sanyal (26th April 1924-7th February 2005) was a famous versatile writer of modern Bengali literature. He was also a civil engineer.
Sanyal was born in Krishnanagar (Nadia district, West Bengal) to Chittasukh Sanyal (চিত্তসুখ সান্যাল) and Basantalata Devi (বসন্তলতা দেবী). In school life, his name was Narayandas Sanyal.

Although Sanyal is known mostly as a novelist, he was also a successful civil engineer by profession. After school life he graduated in Science from the University of Calcutta and then passed Bachelor Of Engineering from Bengal Engineering College in the year 1948. Thereafter he joined PWD (Public Works Department) and later joined NBO (National Buildings Organisation) under Government Of India. He was a Fellow of the Institution of Engineers (India) and also a Fellow of the Association of Engineers (India). He also wrote books on Civil Engineering such as Vaastu Bigyan (বাস্তু বিজ্ঞান).
His most popular work is Biswasghatak (বিশ্বাসঘাতক) based on Manhattan Project that developed the first US atom bomb, apart from that he also wrote Timi Timingil (তিমি তিমিঙ্গিল) a book on whales and a series of detective fiction Kaanta Series (কাঁটা সিরিজ).
His family consisted of wife Sabita Sanyal, elder daughter Anindita Basu, son-in-law Amitabha Basu, son Tirtharenu Sanyal, daughter-in-law Sharmila Sanyal, younger daughter Mou Sanyal Talukdar and son-in-law Soumitra Talukdar. Sanyal received several awards including Rabindra Puroskar (রবীন্দ্র পুরস্কার) and Bankim Puroskar (বঙ্কিম পুরস্কার). This book has been collected from the web (Open Source) and I hope that the readers will love to read this Bangla Boi PDF by Narayan Sanyal.

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