Saturday, September 1, 2018

Manush Kumir-An Adventurous Science Fiction Bengali Story Book By Himadrikishore Dasgupta PDF

মানুষ কুমীর (হিমাদ্রিকিশোর দাশগুপ্ত)

Benagli story book on adventure and science fiction
Manush Kumir Bengali Story Book PDF

Manush Kumir (মানুষ কুমীর)-Himadrikishore Dasgupta (হিমাদ্রিকিশোর দাশগুপ্ত)-The cover story of this book is an adventurous science fiction story about a genius professor of biology, Mr. Nilkanta Som ( মিঃ নীলকান্ত সোম) who was researching on a critical part of biology in an isolated island in the forest of the Sundarbans (সুন্দরবন) in his personal laboratory.

After five years of research, one day the professor invited Sandip (সন্দীপ), his favorite student to visit him and the story begins here.
So, read the book and you all will definitely enjoy the stories, not only that, this book is containing seven stunning stories in total and each of the works is nicely composed and written by the author.
The stories of this book are listed as follows: 

  • Manush Kumir (মানুষ কুমীর)
  • Tezcatlipoca-r Pyramid (তেজকাৎলিপোকার পিরামিড)
  • Nekre-r Nimontron (নেকড়ের নিমন্ত্রন)
  • Ramses Ra-er Raktodhara (রামেসিস রা-এর রক্তধারা)
  • Radio-r Bondhu (রেডিওর বন্ধু)
  • Hirohito-r Gobeshona (হিরোহিতোর গবেষণা)
  • Debota-r Chabi (দেবতার চাবি)

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