Thursday, September 27, 2018

King Kong Bengali PDF E-book

কিং কং (রূপান্তরঃ অনীশ দাস অপু)

King Kong Translated Bengali PDF
King Kong Onubad Bengali E-book PDF

King Kong is a giant movie monster gorilla, appeared in various movies and other entertainment media since 1933.
The first movie on this fictional monster "King Kong" was released in 1933 and in the same year another sequel released "The Son Of Kong", featuring Little Kong.
In total there are eight movies released on this character as follows:

⧭ King Kong (March 1933)

⧭ The Son Of Kong (December 1933

⧭ King Kong vs. Godzilla (August 1962

⧭ King Kong Escapes (July 1967)

⧭ King Kong (December 1976)

⧭ King Kong Lives (December 1986)

⧭ King Kong (December 2005)

⧭ Kong: Skull Island (March 2017)

⧭ Godzilla vs. Kong-May 2020 (not released yet)

NB-Information has been collected from the web and wiki.

This book is mainly written by Edgar Wallace and Merian C. Cooper  and translated in Bengali by the famous Bangladeshi author Anish Das Apu. Hope that you all will love this book.