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Adventure Omnibus By Dhirendralal Dhar Bengali PDF E-book

Dhirendralal Dhar Bengali Story Book PDF
Adventure Omnibus By Dhirendralal Dhar Bengali PDF E-book

Adventure Omnibus By Dhirendralal Dhar (ধীরেন্দ্রলাল ধর) (12th January 1913-20th September 1991) was a Bengali writer, born in Kolkata (British India) and received The Indian National Award for his contributions to Children’s literature, his pen name was Sridhar Munshi (শ্রীধর মুন্সী).
In his childhood, Dhar studied in the Arya Mission Institution and later took admission in the Vidyasagar College.

He was attached with the Non-Co-operation movement and the Indian National Congress then he joined the Hindu Mahasabha (হিন্দু মহাসভা).
He was also attached with a couple of magazines like Shishu Pratibha (শিশু প্রতিভা), Ananda Pujabarshiki(আনন্দ পূজাবার্ষিকী) and Kishore Granthabali (কিশোর গ্রন্থাবলী) and was most popular for Children’s literature. Apart from that he also wrote historical, adventure, detective and horror stories, and some biographies on serious  personalities like Netaji  Subhash Chandra Bose, Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar and Dr. B. R. Ambedkar. In the year 1934 Dhar’s first book “Mrityur Pashchate” (মৃত্যুর পশ্চাতে)  was published. 

Some of his notable works are:

  • Galpo Holeo Satyi  (গল্প হলেও সত্যি ) 
  • Amar Desher Manush (আমার দেশের মানুষ)
  • Ei Desheri Meye (এই দেশেরই মেয়ে)
  • Mohakaler Pujari (মহাকালের পূজারী)
  • Juddher Galpo ( যুদ্ধের গল্প )
  • Nilkar Elo Deshe (নীলকর এল দেশে)
  • Desh Bidesher Rupkotha (দেশবিদেশের রূপকথা)
  • Rangmahal (রংমহল )

In this book, he composed five adventurous long stories for the youth generation but appreciated by all ages.

Contents of Adventure Omnibus By Dhirendralal Dhar are listed below as follows:

  1. Mrityur Pashchate (মৃত্যুর পশ্চাতে)
  2. Bipoder Berajal  (বিপদের বেড়াজাল)
  3. Joker Jongole (যকের জঙ্গলে)
  4. Aandhar Rater Artanad (আঁধার রাতের আর্তনাদ)
  5. Abisinia Fronte (আবিসিনিয়া ফ্রন্টে)

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