Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Ar Matro Ekjon? Bengali PDF

Bengali Horror Short Story By Shaibal Basu
Ar Matro Ekjon Bengali PDF

The story of a young girl Merina who used to live in a small town in Newyork.
The girl was beautiful and intelligent, also she used to love to explore different corners of the world, but what a tragedy!
After her birth she had to spent 20 years in the same house with her father and suddenly........

She got a letter from her aunt who lives in Carolina City and invited Merina to spend some days with her.
Merina was very surprised and happy with the letter so without wasting time she took her father's permission and went alone to her aunt's farm house.
She was pretty tired of the long journey so she went to the bedroom after dinner, it was a full moon night and everything was visible out the window
Then what happened????

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