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Mother By Maxim Gorky Bengali PDF

Mother By Maxim Gorky
Mother By Maxim Gorky Bengali PDF

Mother By Maxim Gorky or Maksim Gorky -Full name-Alexei Maximovich Peshkov (old-style 16th March 1868 and new style 28th March 1868-18th June 1936) a notable Russian and Soviet writer and was also a five-time nominee for the Nobel Prize in Literature.
Here is to be noted that the Julian Calendar was used traditionally in Europe which is known as the Old Style (O. S.), and the calendar which is most widely used in the world today is Gregorian Calendar known as the New Style (N. S.).

Born as Alexei Maximovich Peshcov in Nizhny Novogorod ( Russia), Gorky became an orphan when he was only eleven years old and brought up by his grandmother but he ran away from there when he was twelve. After that, he attempted suicide in the year 1887 and started traveling across the Russian Empire for five years on foot, on those days he attempted various kinds of jobs as a cobbler, farmer, security guard, salesman, etc.
After that, he started his life as a journalist working for provincial newspapers and in the year 1892 he was working in "Tiflis" for the newspaper “The Caucasus”. At that time he reflected his simmering anger about life in Russia and a determination to speak the bitter truth. Then in the year, 1898 Gorky’s first book was published (Essays And Stories) which was a sensational success and his career as an author began. He wrote many novels, "novellas" (longer than a short story but shorter than a novel and the word is derived from the Italian novella, feminine of novello, which means "New"), short stories, poems, drama, non-fiction, autobiographies, and collections. Dear readers, read and enjoy Mother By Maxim Gorky Bengali PDF.

His notable works are:

  • The Mother 
  • Three Of Them 
  • A Confession 
  • Chelkash  
  • The Orivos 
  • Summer 
  • Malva   
  • Song Of A Falcon
  • The Lower Depth 
  • Children Of The Sun
  • Twenty-Six Men And A Girl
  • Barbarians  
  • The Last Ones
  • My Recollections Of Tolstoy 
  • My Childhood 
  • In The World  
  • The Song Of The Stormy Petrel (Poem) 
  • Sketches And Stories 
  • Creatures That Once Were Men  
  • Through Russia and many more.

The sudden death of Gorky’s son Maxim Peshkov in May 1934 was followed by Maxim Gorky in June 1936 from pneumonia. Stalin and Motolov were among those who carried Gorky’s coffin during the funeral.
This book contains Mother a famous work of Gorky and it is translated into the Bengali language.

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