Friday, July 20, 2018

Atal Prithibi By Anish Das Apu Bengali Short Stories PDF E-book

Anish Das Apu Horror Bengali PDF e-Book
Atal Prithibi By Anish Das Apu  Bengali Short Stories PDF E-book

Atal Prithibi by Anish Das Apu contains a bunch of short horror stories. Anish Das Apu is a well-known and famous author from Bangladesh. He is mainly famous for his mind-blowing horror stories and also some translations from western thrillers in the Bengali language. This is also a translated book from various authors of the world, which Apu himself and other famous authors of Bangladesh have translated and edited.

This book has been collected from the web and contains 16 translated best-selling stories with a combination of horror, thriller, science fiction, and mystery.

Contents of Atal Prithibi By Anish Das Apu are listed below as follows:

  • 1)Enoch Arden (Lord Alfred Tennyson)
  • Translated by-Mohd. Georges Ali 
  • 2) Copper Beach Rahasya (Sir Arthur Conan Doyle)
  • Translated by-Khasru Chowdhury
  • 3) Atal Prithibi (Jules Verne)
  • Translated by-Susmay Acharya Suman
  • 4) Charlir Buro Ghora (Guy de Maupassant)
  • Translated by-Mohd. Saiful Islam (Ami)
  • 5) Bish Bachor Por (O. Henry)
  • Translated by-Tarak Roy
  • 6) Bhoy (Agatha Christie)
  • Translated by-Shariful Islam Bhuiyan
  • 7) Saat ti Vul Ghorir Rahasya (Alfred Hitchcock)
  • Translated by Shahriyar Ahmed Taaki
  • 8) Sohini Shah Jakhon Rege Jay (G. D. Khosla)
  • Translated by Anish Das Apu
  • 9) Pagal Binimoy (Saadat Hasan Manto)
  • Translated by Anish Das Apu
  • 10) Verar Mangso (Roald Dahl)
  • Translated by Anish Das Apu
  • 11) Ora ( William F. Nolan)
  • Translated by Anish Das Apu
  • 12) Bishnur Chinho (Khushwant Singh)
  • Translated by Anish Das Apu
  • 13) Sakkhi (Helen Nelson)
  • Translated by-Farhana Natasha
  • 14) Harano Robot (Issac Asimov)
  • Translated by Anish Das Apu
  • 15) Daagi Asami (Jessie Couvreur-Tasma)
  • Translated by Kazi Shahnur Hossain
  • 16) Shudhui Fena (Erando Tajesh)
  • Translated by-Mohd. Shaon Hossain Raju

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