Friday, July 20, 2018

Night Of The Vampire By Anish Das Apu Bengali Horror Story PDF E-book

Anish Das Apu Bengali Horror PDF e-Book
Night Of The Vampire

Night Of The Vampire at a glance: The Vampire team has entered the city of Spooksville, they all are hungry and becoming aggressive in search of food day by day. Queen of vampires can protect Adam and his friends from wounds and death. 
But they have a different plan for them. The vampire queen wants to make everyone vampire.

The main author of Night Of The Vampire is Christopher Pike (Kevin Christopher McFadden) born on 12th November 1955 in New York City but grew up in California. Initially, he tried his handwriting science fiction and adult mystery but later due to an editor's suggestion began writing teen thrillers.
In the year 1996, one of his books was filmed as a television movie named "Fall Into Darkness".
Anish Das Apu, the famous author of Bangladesh translated this book into the Bengali language and we have collected this book from the web to share it with you all.
hope that you will like this book.

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