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Mon Vanga Pori Bengali Supernatural Storybook PDF

 মন ভাঙ্গা পরী 

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Mon Vanga Pori Bengali Supernatural Storybook PDF
Mon Vanga Pori Bengali PDF E-book

Mon Vanga Pori Bengali Supernatural Storybook PDF is written by renowned Bengali author Moshtaq Ahmed (Bangladesh). The story is a blend of parapsychology and supernatural phenomena. The storyline mainly focuses on the subconscious mind of a teenage girl named Pori. The author has represented this composition in an excellent way that is really appreciable. Hope that the readers will love to read the book.

About the author at a glance:

Moshtaq Ahmed (30 December 1975) was born in Faridpur district (Bangladesh). He successfully completed his M. Pharm (Master of Pharmacy) and MBA (Master of Business Administration) degree from the Dhaka University. Along with that, he also achieved a Masters of Criminology degree from the University of Leicester (UK). Ahmed composed over 100s of books on Science Fiction, Horror, Parapsychology, Detective, and Adventure storybooks. His notable works are Sobuj Manob (সবুজ মানব), Roboter Prithibi (রোবটের পৃথিবী), Mon Vanga Pori (মন ভাঙ্গা পরী), Pretatma (প্রেতাত্মা), and many more. Moreover, he was awarded with the Bangla Academy Sahitya Padak (বাংলা অ্যাকাডেমি সাহিত্য পদক), Shishu Academy Sahitya Puroskar (শিশু অ্যাকাডেমি সাহিত্য পুরস্কার), Kali O Kalam Sahitya Puroskar (কালি ও কলম সাহিত্য পুরস্কার), and Chotoder Mela Sahitya Puroskar (ছোটদের মেলা সাহিত্য পুরস্কার) for his contribution in Bengali literature.

About the storyline at a glance:

Imran is looking at Pori in surprise. Gradually Pori's beautiful appearance is getting distorted. Her whole body started trembling. The two eyeballs of Pori are growing bigger and started spinning in a circle. Then suddenly her limbs began to bend. Imran realized that Pori is in a lot of trouble, but there was nothing to do in this situation. He called everyone in the house for help, but they said that Pori is possessed by a demon...

About Mon Vanga Pori Bengali Supernatural Storybook at a glance:

  • Book name-Mon Vanga Pori
  • Author-Moshtaq Ahmed
  • Category-Supernatural, Horror
  • No. of pages-72
  • Size-4.2 MB (Megabytes)
  • Format-PDF (Portable Document Format)

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