Thursday, August 30, 2018

Tin-Ti Aloukik Galpo (3 Rare Ghost Stories) Bengali PDF

তিনটি অলৌকিক গল্প

Tin-Ti Aloukik Galpo By Various Writers Bengali PDF
Tin-Ti Aloukik Galpo (3 Rare Ghost Stories) Bengali PDF

Tin-Ti Aloukik Galpo (তিনটি অলৌকিক গল্প)-Dear readers, I am back with another rare horror story book for you all. Actually this is a very old book from my personal collection and any detailed information about this book or the stories of this book are not available on the web.
The book with brittle pages was a tough job to scan but finally I did it. Stories of this book are written by various renowned Bengali writers, hope that the readers will enjoy this book a lot and also remember that this is the 98th book on Bengali horror and ghost stories.
Stories available in this book are listed as follows:

⧭ Kar Daak Vese Ase Batase (কার ডাক ভেসে আসে বাতাসে)-Swapan Buro (স্বপনবুড়ো)

⧭ Ashchorjo Murti (আশ্চর্য মূর্তি)-Madhusudan Majumdar (মধুসূদন মজুমদার)

⧭ Bhooter Cheye Sanghatik (ভূতের চেয়ে সাংঘাতিক)-Syed Mystafa Siraj (সৈয়দ মুস্তাফা সিরাজ)