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Sukumar Sahitya Samagra (All Parts) By Sukumar Ray Bengali PDF

সুকুমার সাহিত্য সমগ্র (সুকুমার রায়)

Sukumar Ray Bengali PDF Bengali e-Book Bengali Story Book
Sukumar Sahitya Samagra By Sukumar Ray Bengali PDF

সুকুমার সাহিত্য সমগ্র (অখন্ড)

Sukumar Ray ( সুকুমার রায় ) (30th October 1887-10th September 1923) was born in a Brahma family in Calcutta and grew up in a literary environment. His father Upendrakishore Raychowdhury ( উপেন্দ্রকিশোর রায় চৌধুরী ) was a famous writer, painter and musician and was a close friend of Rabindranath Tagore ( রবীন্দ্রনাথ ঠাকুর ), the other notable family friends of Ray family were world famous scientists Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose (আচার্য জগদীশ চন্দ্র বসু ) and Acharya Prafulla Chandra Roy ( আচার্য প্রফুল্ল চন্দ্র রায় ).

Like his father Upendrakishore,  Sukumar was also a very good friend of Rabindranath Tagore. Ray was a student of City College School in his early student career and later in the year 1906 he graduated both in Physics and Chemistry with honours from the Presidency College (Calcutta).
Later he went to England to learn photography and lithography in which he was a pioneer in India.
He is considered as the most famous writer for children's literature and a humorous poet even after 95 years of his death.
Ray died on 10th September 1923 suffering from severe infectious fever when he was only 36 years old and his son Satyajit was 2. Satyajit Ray ( সত্যজিত রায় ) was also a world famous writer and film-director who shoot a documentary film on his father in the year 1987.
This book contains all the works of Sukumar Ray from which some of his notable works are listed here:

1) Pagla Dashu ( পাগলা দাশু )
2) Abol Tabol ( আবোল তাবোল )
3) Ha Ja Ba Ra La ( হযবরল )
4) Khai Khai ( খাই খাই)
5) Heshoram Hushiarer Diary ( হেশোরাম হুঁশিয়ারের ডাইরি )
6) Jhalapala ( ঝালাপালা )
7) Bohurupi ( বহুরূপী)
8) Abak Jolpan (অবাক জলপান) etc.

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