Thursday, July 5, 2018

Shubhro Ki Korcho???? Part 1 Bengali Horror Story PDF E-book

Shubhro Ki Korcho????

Based On Truth

Dear readers, this book does not contain any story/imagination but a true informative  fact about one of the famous land-lord family of  West Bengal (formerly Bengal/Bangla) 
Intellectual & interested readers may go through this given link of wikipedia for more details.....India-Wikipedia Link.....
The most interesting fact is that "Lokenath Brahmachari" also known as "Baba Lokenath"  the famous Hindu yogi and mystic belong to the family of the author. His actual name is Lokenath Ghoshal (Ghosal).....Lokenath-Wikipedia Link..... and this book has been started by his presently last successor who is still alive in this world.

for privacy purposes the names used for characters in this book are not real but each and every lines of this book are absolutely true and derived from the family history. our author will share all of the mysteries about their family as par promise, but dear readers, I was a bit confused before uploading the first part because as a student of science it is a bit critical for me also to trust on these uncanny things! But the quote matters and worth for me in this book....There are more things in heaven and earth, "Horatio" (Dear readers and me too) Than are dreamt of in your philosophy!

Arivirus Arindam

Read Or Collect The PDF-Part 1

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