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Madhusudan Rachanabali By Michael Madhusudan Dutt Bengali PDF E-book

Michael Madhusudan Dutt Rachanabali Bengali PDF e-Book
Madhusudan Rachanabali Bengali PDF

Michael Madhusudan Dutt (Dutta) মাইকেল মধুসূদন দত্ত  (25th January 1824 - 29th June, 1873) is one of the best Bengali poet and dramatist of the nineteenth century. He is regarded as one of the most respected personality of Bengali Renaissance literature.
Born in a respectable Kayastha (কায়স্থ) family of Jessore district (British India), Dutt accepted Christianity and took the name Michael Madhusudan and concentrated on writing literature in English in the light of Western culture.

Dutt was attracted to his mother language Bengali in the second half of his life, that  time he started writing, drama, farce, and poetry in Bengali language.
Dutt  launched Sonnet(চতুর্দশপদী কবিতা) and  "Amitrakshar Chanda" (অমিত্রাক্ষর ছন্দ)which is known as “Blank Verse” in English and so on he composed Meghnad Badh Kavya(মেঘনাদবধ কাব্য) epitomized on the legend of Ramayana on which Ishwarchandra Vidyasagar(ইশ্বরচন্দ্র বিদ্যাসাগর) said "Meghnad Badh is a supreme poem.
His other notable books are  King Porus, Visions Of The Past, Sharmishtha (শর্মিষ্ঠা)  or Sermista (both in Bengali and English), Veerangana Kavya(বীরাঙ্গনা কাব্য), Ratnavali(রত্নাবলী), Bangaban(বঙ্গবানী)i, Bangabhumir Proti(বঙ্গভুমির প্রতি) etc.
Dutt’s personal life was very painful and this legend died in Kolkata (Calcutta) when he was only 49.
Dutt’s last life has passed through extreme grief and poverty.
He could not achieve success in law business even he was a Barrister-at-Law from England.
He died on 2nd June 1873 in Alipore General Hospital, in an unprotected way due to poverty. In the last phase of his life, Dutt left his sign of love for his motherland in the unforgettable line.
The following verse of his own is written on his grave at Lower Circular Road Cemetery (Kolkata)

"Stop a while, traveller!
Should Mother Bengal claim thee for her son.
As a child takes repose on his mother's elysian lap,
Even so here in the Long Home,
On the bosom of the earth,
Enjoys the sweet eternal sleep
Poet Madhusudan of the Duttas"

And the same verse was translated in Bengali by Dutt himself

“দাঁড়াও পথিকবর, জন্ম যদি তব
বঙ্গে! তিষ্ঠ ক্ষণকাল! এ সমাধি স্থলে
(জননীর কোলে শিশু লভয়ে যেমতি
বিরাম)মহীর পদে মহা নিদ্রাবৃত
দত্তকুলোদ্ভব কবি শ্রীমধুসূদন!
যশোরে সাগরদাঁড়ি কপোতাক্ষ-তীরে
জন্মভূমি, জন্মদাতা দত্ত মহামতি
রাজনারায়ণ নামে, জননী জাহ্নবী”

This book is covering the complete works of Dutt ( both Bengali and English) and will be appreciated by the readers of this website a lot. Tribute to the legend Michael Madhusudan Dutt.

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