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10 Ti Kishore Upanyas By Sasthipada Chattopadhay Bengali PDF E-book

SasthipadaChattopadhyay Bengali Story Book PDF
10 Ti Kishore Upanyas By Sasthipada Chattopadhay Bengali PDF E-book

10 Ti Kishore Upanyas contains a couple of short novels mainly written for the young generation. The great Bengali author Sasthipada Chattopadhyay was born on 9th March 1941 in Khurut, Shathitala, Howrah district.
His first work was Kamakhya Bhraman which was published in Dainik Basumati. He is most popular to the children and young generation for his "Pandab Goyenda" (পাণ্ডব গোয়েন্দা ) detective & adventure series books which were also released in animation form in television later. From year 1961 he started working in Anandabazar Patrika, In the meantime, he joined Indian Railway Service and posted at Ghatshila.

He wrote many travelogues, novels, and short stories and more than 100 detective stories in which his fictional detective character "Ambar Chatterjee" is very famous among the readers.
10 Ti Kishore Upanyas has been collected from the web and contains 10 adventure and detective novels of Chattopadhay as follows

  1. Digha Saikate Atanka(দিঘা সৈকতে আতঙ্ক)
  2. Kakahigarh Avijaan(কাকাহিগড় অভিযান)
  3. Giriguhar Guptadhan(গিরিগুহার গুপ্তধন)
  4. Hindol Sardarer Kella(হিন্দোলসর্দারের কেল্লা)
  5. Naynagiri Avijaan(নয়নাগিরি অভিযান)
  6. Amarkantak Rahasya(অমরকণ্টক রহস্য)
  7. Sanghagrar Atanka(সানঘাগরার আতঙ্ক)
  8. Sabyasachir Goyendagiri (সব্যসাচীর গোয়েন্দাগিরি)
  9. Lalbajare Rahajani (লালবাজারে রাহাজানি)
  10. Avishapto Tiddim(অভিশপ্ত তিড্ডিম)
All of the works are excellent. I hope that readers will love to read this book.

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