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Pretatma By Moshtaq Ahmed Bengali Horror Novel PDF


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Pretatma By Moshtaq Ahmed Bengali Horror Novel PDF
Pretatma By Moshtaq Ahmed Bengali PDF

Pretatma By Moshtaq Ahmed Bengali Horror Novel PDF. This is another excellent presentation by the famous author. His other notable works you will get here are Rokto Sadhona and Mon Vanga Pori. Moreover, other books by the renowned author will be shared soon. Hope that you will like this horror novel a lot.


About the storyline of Pretatna by Moshtaq Ahmed at a glance:

The entire police force searched every part of the old house on Mirza Island. They searched every room in the house, all the doors, and behind the stairs. Even the bottom of the carpet and the back of the picture hanging on the wall were not left out. Then, the surrounding bushes, ponds, almost everything was seen. But, until the end, everyone was disappointed. 

The missing girl seems to have vanished into thin air. Above all, the police officer was not very surprised. Because, from the very beginning, he had doubts that the teenage girl could not be lost in this way. She must have run away with her boyfriend. Maybe she will be back in a few days. Still, he wondered if there was any other way to find the girl.

It is not that Mr. Officer was not surprised when he came to Mirza Island. But the reason for his surprise is completely different. First of all, the person who built this house had no motive behind building this house. Secondly, most of the time of the year, the water boils here. Finally, there is no locality within three kilometers from here.

The house looks just like a zamindar's house. The house was built by Mirza Khalid, the last descendant of the Mirza family. What is even more strange is that there are 2 towers built 30 feet high on the roof of the house. Mr. Officer climbed the stairs to the top of the tower to satisfy his curiosity.

About Pretatma By Moshtaq Ahmed at a glance:

  • Book name-Pretatma
  • Author-Moshtaq Ahmed
  • Category-Horror
  • No. of pages-125
  • Size- 7.7 MB (Megabytes)
  • Format-PDF (Portable Document Format)

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