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Mumbai Mafia Bengali Thriller Storybook PDF

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Mumbai Mafia Bengali Thriller Storybook PDF
Mumbai Mafia Bengali Thriller Storybook PDF

Mumbai Mafia Bengali Thriller Storybook PDF By Taher Shamsuddin. The novel is an awesome combination of detective and thriller sequences. The storyline begins in Mumbai, one of the famous cities of India. The main character of this novel is Rajib Khandewal, working as an officer in a private detective agency. His assistant is Subhash Chettiyar, a retired lieutenant of the Indian army.

About the author at a glance:

Abu Taher Muhammad Shamsuddin (1927-2009) is the original family name of the author. He is also popular with another name A.T.M. Shamsuddin. As an editor, he joined a weekly magazine The "DailyIttefaq" and later joined the "Dhaka Newspaper" (Wikipedia). His notable works are Eagoler Basa (ঈগলের বাসা), Pret Shakti (প্রেত শক্তি), Swapno Jokhon Vanglo (স্বপ্ন যখন ভাঙল), and many more. He also translated several western thriller novels and stories that are extremely appreciated by Bengali readers across the world. 

About the storyline of Mumbai Mafia Bengali Thriller Storybook at a glance:

Bhimsen Sekoyat is a renowned police officer from Chandigarh. He left his job and opened a private detective agency in Mumbai. Business is booming. Suddenly, the 24-year-old daughter of a millionaire fall victim to blackmailers. The case was handed over to Rajib, a young detective officer of the Sekoyat agency. Rajiv mistakenly stepped into the trap of Mumbai mafias. Mafia don Neelam Anjaria shook hands with him...

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About Mumbai Mafia Bengali Thriller Storybook PDF at a glance:

  • Book name-Mumbai Mafia
  • Author-Taher Shamsuddin
  • Category-Detective, Thriller
  • No. of pages-171
  • Size-4.62 MB (Megabytes)
  • Format-PDF (Portable Document Format)  

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