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Chotoder Galpomala By Sudeb Sarkar Bengali Story Book PDF

ছোটদের গল্পমালা
( সুদেব সরকার )

Children's Story Book PDF By Sudeb Sarkar
Chotoder Galpomala By Sudeb Sarkar

Chotoder Galpomala ( ছোটদের গল্পমালা ) by Sudeb Sarkar ( সুদেব সরকার ) Bengali story Book PDF is a combination of 18 short stories which is mainly a children's Bengali story book PDF as well as readers of of any age will appreciate this book. Some stories are really very heart touching and teaches us to be moral and honest in our daily life.

Also there are some funny stories too. The author represented the stories in such a way that if we consider it as story, then it is so, but if we consider it as a lesson for our daily life, then also we are not wrong. The first published book of Sudeb Sarkar was 'Rupkotha o Bhooter Galpo' in 1991 which became very popular to all generations. This book was published in the year 1993, more or less 27 years ago but still evergreen. Hope that you all will like this children's Bengali story book PDF.

Book Name-Chotoder Galpomala

Book Author-Sudeb Sarkar 

Book Size-14.8 MB (Megabytes) 

Book Category-Children's Bengali story book PDF

Contents Of the book are given below as follows :-

⧭ Abohelita ( অবহেলিতা

⧭ Alok Khuror Galpo ( অলক খুড়োর গল্প

⧭ Khachar Pakhi ( খাঁচার পাখি )

⧭ Shanti ( শান্তি

⧭ Rupkothar Desh ( রুপকথার দেশ )

⧭ Kumirer Porajoy ( কুমিরের পরাজয় )

⧭ Saodagorer Kahini ( সওদাগরের কাহিনী )

⧭ Kaku ( কাকু )

⧭ Ekti Kalpo-Kahini ( একটি কল্প-কাহিনী )

⧭ Ratoner Abodan ( রতনের অবদান )

⧭ Lal Bari Rahasya  ( লাল বাড়ি রহস্য )

⧭ Ramu Chakorer Itihas ( রামু চাকরের ইতিহাস

⧭ Mojar Manush ( মজার মানুষ

⧭ Bondhu ( বন্ধু

⧭ Lep Chor ( লেপ চোর

⧭ Mayabi Jadukor ( মায়াবী যাদুকর

⧭ Ajgubi Galpo ( আজগুবি গল্প )

⧭ Smriti (  স্মৃতি )

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