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Sundarban Samagra Bengali Adventure Story By Shibshankar Mitra PDF E-book

সুন্দরবন সমগ্র (শিবশঙ্কর মিত্র)

Sundarban Samagra By Shibshankar Mitra Bengali Adventure Stories PDF
Sundarban Samagra Bengali Adventure Story By Shibshankar Mitra PDF E-book

Sundarban Samagra (সুন্দরবন সমগ্র) written by Shibshankar Mitra (শিবশঙ্কর মিত্র) is an extraordinary book which is describing the world-famous forest of the  Sundarbans combined with reality and stories. This is the world's largest mangrove forest with an area of ten thousand square kilometers (10,000 sq. km) of which approx six thousand square kilometers (6000 sq. km) are in Bangladesh and four thousand square kilometers (4000 sq. km) in India.

Now let's know about the author who wrote this famous book.
Shibshankar Mitra (20th October 1909) was born in Khulna district, presently located in Bangladesh, later he came to Calcutta and completed MA in ancient History from Calcutta University and also graduated in Library Science.
He started his career as an author in 1941 and worked as a reference editor in Jugantar (যুগান্তর) and Amrita Bazar Patrika (অমৃত বাজার পত্রিকা) magazines.
Later in the year, he achieved the Best Children's Literature Award by the Government of India for this book which I am sharing here for you all.
The book also contains some rare black and white photographs of the Sundarbans.

The contents of Sundarban Samagra are listed below as follows:

  • Bede Baule (বেদে বাউলে)
  • Bonbibi (বনবিবি)
  • Sundarban-e Arjan Sardar (সুন্দরবনে আর্জান সর্দার)
  • Sundarban (সুন্দরবন)
  • Royal Bengal-er Atmo Katha (রয়্যাল বেঙ্গলের আত্মকথা)
  • Sundarban-er Chatabari Lathi (সুন্দরবনের ছাটাবাড়ি লাঠি
  • Sundarban-er Satota (সুন্দরবনের সততা)
  • Airaj (আইরাজ)
  • Boner Chorer Upor Shahorer Batpari (বনের চোরের উপর শহরের বাটপাড়ি
  • Beerangana, na Sundarban-er Maa (বীরাঙ্গনা, না সুন্দরবনের মা)
  • Bishu Baule (বিশু বাউলে)
  • Dugyosoddar ( দুগ্যোসদ্দার)
  • Bagher Dekha (বাঘের দেখা)
  • Sundarban-er Hathokarita (সুন্দরবনের হঠকারিতা)
  • Ek Je Chilo Sundarban (এক যে ছিল সুন্দরবন)

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