Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Bishwa Quiz Samagra By Prithviraj Sen Bengali PDF

বিশ্ব ক্যুইজ সমগ্র (পৃথ্বীরাজ সেন)

Bengali E-book On Quiz By Prithviraj Sen
Bishwa Quiz Samagra By Prithviraj Sen Bengali PDF

Bishwa Quiz Samagra(বিশ্ব ক্যুইজ সমগ্র) Bengali Quiz E-book PDF is composed by Prithviraj Sen (পৃথ্বীরাজ সেন) is a really really marvelous and mind blowing book for the Bengali book readers
of all ages. Actually Quiz is a game of mind or we can call it as mind sports.
According to the Etymology derived from Wikipedia the word "Quiz" is attested in The Oxford English Dictionary means "to question or interrogate" with a given reference from the year 1843. But actually this word was discovered in 1781 which means an odd person and the word still makes sense today in the word "Quizzical".

Dear readers of our blog, this book is covering various subjects on general knowledge and quiz questions and answers which will be helpful in all of our daily life, and obviously for all ages because "Knowledge never goes waste"
The subjects covering this book on general knowledge/quiz are listed below as follows and the readers will definitely love this Bangla Boi PDF a lot.

⧭ Geography (ভূগোল)

⧭ History (ইতিহাস)

⧭ Physics (পদার্থ বিজ্ঞান)

⧭ Chemistry (রসায়ন)

⧭ Biology (জীববিদ্যা)

⧭ Mathematics (গণিত)

⧭ Zoology (প্রাণীবিদ্যা/প্রাণীবিজ্ঞান)

⧭ Anatomy (শারীরবিদ্যা/শারীরবিজ্ঞান)

⧭ Home Science (গৃহবিজ্ঞান)

⧭ Economics (অর্থনীতি)

⧭ Philosophy (দর্শন)

⧭ History Of Sanskrit Literature (সংস্কৃত সাহিত্যের ইতিহাস)

⧭ History Of Bengali Literature (বাংলা সাহিত্যের ইতিহাস)

⧭ Educational Science (শিক্ষাবিজ্ঞান)

⧭ Psychology (মনোবিজ্ঞান )

⧭ Anthropology (নৃ বিজ্ঞান)

⧭ Political Science (রাষ্ট্রবিজ্ঞান)

⧭ Constitution (সংবিধান)

⧭ Library Science (পাঠাগার বিজ্ঞান)

⧭ Sports (খেলাধূলা)

⧭ Memorable Personalities (স্মরণীয়দের কথা)

⧭ Known-Unknown Quiz (জানা অজানা ক্যুইজ)

⧭ Indian Quiz (ভারতীয় ক্যুইজ)

⧭ World Quiz (বিশ্ব ক্যুইজ)

NB-Some translations may appear to be controversial or contradictory.

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