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Nirbachita Bhooter Galpo By Humayun Ahmed Bengali Horror Stories PDF E-book

Selected Bengali Horror Stories By Humayun Ahmed Bengali PDF e-book
Nirbachita Bhooter Galpo By Humayun Ahmed Bengali PDF

Humayun Ahmed (13th November 1948-19th July 2012) was a Bangladeshi writer, dramatist, screenwriter, film-maker, song-writer, scholar and lecturer. He wrote over 200 best-seller books on fiction and non-fiction. His writing style is characterized as magical realism. Based on his own novels he went to make eight films in the early 1990 and received six "Bangladesh National Film Awards".

Ahmed was born in Kutubpur village under Kendua Upazila in Netrokana District (Bangladesh). He studied in Chittagong Collegiate School and passed his Secondary School Certificate examination from Bogra Zilla School.
He passed his Higher Secondary School Certificate from Dhaka College.
Then he attended the University Of Dhaka, graduated with Bachelor Of Science in Chemistry and later with a Master Of Science degree.
He worked as a lecturer at the Bangladesh Agricultural University for six months and went to the United States for Ph. D. in Polymer Chemistry from 
North Dacola State University. It is quite impossible for us to measure his brilliance as a scholar. In brief now we will discuss about the book.
Ahmed wrote a couple of mystery-horror mixed short stories in this book and each of the story is really mind blowing. His writing style proves his extraordinary talent here and also in other books written by him. This book has been collected from the web and the 15 stories in this book are:

1) Pathor (পাথর)
2) Pipra (পিঁপড়া)
3) Brihannala (বৃহন্নলা)
4) Sangini (সঙ্গিনী)
5)Chayasangi (ছায়াসঙ্গী)
6) Shobjatra (শবযাত্রা)
7) Ouija Board (ওইজা বোর্ড)
8)  Se (সে )
9) Dwitiyo Jon (দ্বিতীয়জন  )
10) Bearing Chithi (বেয়ারিং চিঠি )
11) Binar Osukh (বীণার অসুখ)
12) Kukur (কুকুর)
13) Bhoy (ভয়)
14) Gobor Babu (গোবরবাবু)
15) Aayna (আয়না)

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