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The Exorcist Bengali Horror Story PDF By Humayun Ahmed

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Humayun Ahmed Bengali Horror Story PDF
The Exorcist Bengali Horror Story PDF

A brief introduction to The Exorcist Bengali Horror Story:-

The desert of northern Iraq. The digging work is over for now. Tonight every worker will close the tent and leave. The curator is making a list of the archaeological artifacts that have been found. Some jewelry, some broken old crockery, idols, and ivory boxes. Even though the items are not of much value, according to government rules they must be sealed with numbers and packed in boxes. Suddenly, the curator looked up after hearing a shrill sound. He saw an old man coming toward him. He approached the curator and stared at a statue for a moment, then said, “I am Father Marine, may I take a look at this statue?”

"Of course, you can, Father," said the Curator with a gentle smile, "but you probably don't know that it's an idol of a demonic deity, a ghost as the locals call it.
" Father said, "I know."
But Father Marine didn't even go to take the statue in his hand, instead of that, he sighed a little. This time he was sure that he would meet again with this malevolent idol. The sun is spreading intense heat over the desert head. However, Father Marine began to feel cold. He stood up and started shaking.
The curator noticed this and asked the Father, “What happened to you Father? Why are you shivering in this heat?”
Without answering, Father Marine looked up at the sky, a monstrous black vulture flew overhead with an awkward noise. Then the Father lowered his eyes to the Curator and said in a calm tone, 'I have to go far...far away.'...

About the book at a glance:-

  • Book name-The Exorcist
  • Author-Humayun Ahmed
  • Category-Horror
  • Format-PDF (Portable Document Format)
  • Size-9.72 MB (Megabytes)
  • No. of pages-103

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